“I was really surprised to find such a naturally beautiful property in the middle of DFW. My company had our annual softball game out on the farm’s baseball diamond. It was really refreshing to get out of the office and be near nature for the day. After the game we had a picnic in the grass, there was no traffic, no distractions. The day at Howell Farms felt like a real, little escape.”
“We rented out the Howell Farm’s cottage for an evening party. We had it for half the day, so it gave us more than enough time to prep.  They let us bring in our own caterers too; most venues I’ve seen won’t let you do that. The party itself was out on the porch. It was so serene to just sit outside and watch the sunset, and since the farm’s so set back from the road it was so quiet we could actually hear crickets.”
“My daughter had her wedding reception out in the big barn. Having the reception out on Howell Farm was way more memorable then having it in a hotel ballroom. The barn was huge too, we had a dance floor and a band play, and no one seemed cramped. One of the best parts of having it out at the barn was, that if people needed a break from all of the ruckus, they could just step outside and relax in the grass for a bit and get some fresh air. It was definitely a really special and magical night.”